Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pray for Callie

Hi all, I just about never post personal stuff here, but I would like to request that prayers go out to my friend Callie and her children, Landon (7) , Delaney (3), and Gracie (2). Callie's husband died unexpectedly late Monday evening and all the prayers possible would be great. Condolances can be sent to Living Hope Baptist Church in West Fargo.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Atara is One

I love Atara. I also love her sibs, Eden & Isaiah. We go to church together and our kids are good friends as well. It was fun doing her pictures for her first birthday, of course, she's an active one year old!

More of Sophie

Here's some updated pictures of Sophie. I've been taking her pictures since before she was born! Isn't it great to watch kids grow up and get cuter and cuter?! Her siblings are ABSOLUTELY adorable (and little stinkers!) too!!

Baby booties!

Thought everyone would enjoy this one :) Clearly, these are faternal twins!

Weddings 2!

Another example of whta the wedding coffee table albums look like (think two-page spread, except for the first image which is a single page.) My wedding albums are lay flat style with a leather cover option. Beautiful and timeless!


Here's a sample of what the two page spreads look like for my wedding coffee table albums....

June Update

Ok, so its been about two months since I posted last... but you're in for fun stuff now :) I'm gonna be doing a bunch of updates here in the next few moments so you can see what I've been doing in June (wish I had been just sitting around sometimes!) Here you go!