Thursday, March 24, 2011

Photoshop Quick Tip ~ Family Vacation

This past winter our family went on a big vacation to DisneyWorld and on a cruise to Mexico.  Of course, when we went it was a replay of a Lampoon's vacation, but we all had fun (even though it was C-O-L-D the whole time!)  I did manage to get a couple shots of my daughter in the hot tub and my niece in the hotel room with my little Sony CyberShot camera that I thought were cute, but they needed some fixing up.

For both of these I followed the same steps.

1.)  Open file then go to Image --> Adjustments --> Brightness and Contrast (Make adjustments to your liking.)
2.)  Click OK then again Image --> Adjustments --> Photo Filter (Use the drop down and find one that makes your picture look better!  Don't forget to adjust the density slider and see how that changes the image.)

That is all.  Really, just two steps.  Not too shabby, eh?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Little Beauties ~ Fargo Natural Light Photography

These two little beauties were so fantastic to work with. I had gotten to take pictures of them last fall as well and this time they proved again that they are just so well behaved and very photogenic :)  We also got some super fun pictures with balloons, playing peek-a-boo, and family shots.  LOVE these little beauties!

FYI- the hat is from SM Creations based locally.  She does fabulous work and can custom make just about anything knitted or crocheted.  Hat prices start at about $15 depending on style.  She also can make matching sweater/pant sets!  Get a free 5x7 from me with any purchase from her!  Call or email me for her contact info.

Monday, March 14, 2011

LIMITED Promotion ~ Digital Image Editing

I want to show off some of the stuff I can produce so I'm offering a very limited promotion for FIVE free basic image edits for the first five people who email me.  Please email me first to make sure I haven't already hit the limit and I will also provide details on how to get me the files.  I will retouch five of your own images, convert them to black & white or vintage and then send them back to you.  OR I can use those five images in a digital scrapbook page layout.  This is really a very limited time promotion, so if you want to get in on it email me at brandi @ sprayphotography . com (remember to format properly removing spaces!)

You must have photographer permission for all images submitted!  If you are unsure please check with the photographer first. 

Mr J is SO Big ~ Fargo Family Photography

Its hard to believe this little man is having his first birthday!  I've felt so blessed to get to know him and his family over the last year taking tons of pictures of Mr J.  He's turning into a little man!  And, he's a little peanut, just like my own little peanut!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Big News! Updated Pricing for 2011!

Over the last few years I've looked at what customers were asking for and what people REALLY seem to want.  When it comes down to it, most want a CD with their session images on it.  Many photographers do not offer this or have high pricing on them because they want to retain rights to the images. I do agree with this practice but have found that it didn't quite fit with my business model so I've limited printing to proof size 4x6's for CD's in the past.

However, I've decided that I am going to start offering CD's with HIGH RESOLUTION print permission starting March 15, 2011!  This will be included for all sessions. By printing your own pictures you will likely save money and its practical for me since I will have less backend processing/handling so I can spend more time with family.  Printing will still be available through me, but I can also suggest places to print your own.

I'm also very pleased to announce that I will begin offering my digital design and editing services as well.  You take the pictures, I do the editing!  Watch for a special promo (i.e. FREE sample) to be posted soon to Facebook fans. 

Without further ado- here's the new stuff!

2011 Pricing

Photography Service
$150 includes on location session and 25-35 high resolution images on CD with print permission

Extras with session $25 each
a) three collage or card designs and web version of all images
b) all other unedited images from same session
c) basic photobook design in square or landscape format ready to print

Photo Editing & Design Services
Basic editing (including b/w, sepia, vintage, and skin smoothing)
$30 for first 10 images then $1 per add'l image
Advanced editing (selective coloring, headswap, remove objects from image)
$5 per image and includes two versions of image

Photobook design (you supply pictures, you must have photographer permission to print for all images)
$35 BASIC- up to 75 images (approx 20 pages and includes basic editing
$60 FULL- up to 75 images with digital scrapbook design
Photobook printing is also available through me, please inquire for specifics.

Image scanning
$25 per hour (approx 60 images per hour)
Your images my printing is 1/3 of regular print pricing with any other service

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Miss A

Seriously, at six weeks old this little one has more big hair clips than she has hair- and she as a LOT of hair!  So incredibly sweet, even if it took a little while for us to get her to sleep.  We ended up getting some fantastic shots, here are just a couple quick previews :)

And for the record, we did get creative for backdrops... behind baby is actually the dog bed ;)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Super Sweet

You wouldn't know it by these pictures that Brooke is going through the terrible two's :)  She's perfectly adorable! 

And yes, I realize I'm behind in blogging... got some special news coming soon, watch here and on facebook for an update soon!