Friday, May 21, 2010

Tips & Tricks ~ Workflow

While its important to try to get the best shot possible straight from the camera, a little post-processing is usually a good thing.  I shoot in RAW then import using Adobe Lightroom.  I do minor adjustments to exposure, color, contrast, and cropping from there.  Then I will save the files in the .jpg format.  I will then divide those jpg images into subfolders to decide which ones will get what type of advanced processing.  If there are skin blemishes or backgrounds that need to be cloned I do that step next. I then use a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop called OnOne and run various conversions to finish up.


Hopefully you’ll find this info helpful!  I know all the software I use is available for trial version downloads online.  If you are a student or educator you may also qualify for an educational discount on Adobe products.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

super two ~ on location family photography

This little guy is almost two and we went out to get a few shots of him before he's all grown up. He was quite friendly & polite, but very shy so it took a bit of bribery and talking silly to get a few big smiles out. Here are some preview shots that I took. Then the family went over to the park with Shelly Carter Photography and did a few more- we'll preview that once they're available.

I'm so glad we got some nice pictures of this big guy!

miss princess R ~ on location photography

Here's a little preview of Miss R who had her pictures taken a couple weeks ago, but I am just catching up on the blog previews for you all.  She wasn't entirely thrilled about having her pictures taken, but the ones we did get were priceless!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

little audrey ~ fargo child photography

She is such a sweetie pie with the prettiest eyes.  Little Audrey is such a nice girl and looks just like her mommy!!!

engagement previews ~ fargo wedding photographer

Check out a quick preview of this cute couple!  Their wedding this fall will be tons of fun! 

Monday, May 17, 2010

fargo lifestyle photography

Babies babies, everywhere! The newborn babies are popping out a lot lately around here.  Just an FYI, that I do schedule newborn sessions a bit differently than other sessions.  First, I like to get them in within the first two weeks.  If I'm able to get them in during that time, the session is free!  Next, I schedule extra time for them including a tentative session the following day- just in case we get a crabby/sleepy/awake baby and don't get all the shots we hoped for.  Finally, I come to your home.  This is the biggest thing for new parents, no toting out every potential thing you may or may not need for pictures and dealing with the extra stress. I can bring backdrops, lighting, and whatever else you'd want for a traditional studio session right to you.  All of this is included standard and there are no extra fees.  You can take your time feeding baby, changing diapers, and picking last minute clothing changes.


My regular booking schedule is generally a couple weeks out- however, because I do cover a lot of NB sessions they are already accounted for in my schedule.  In other words, its easier to get on my calendar if I know you’re due between x date and x date and want a newborn session that it is to get a family session scheduled.  Another part of that, is most family sessions tend to be in evening/weekends because of work schedules.  The bonus with babies is at least one parent is home full time for the first few weeks which makes it much easier for us to arrange a time to get together.


If you want to give me the heads up on your impending arrival, please just email or call me to let me know so I can be ready :)  Also know, that I am one of the few lifestyle photographers in town that will also take pictures of your infants birth.  A flat fee includes me at the hospital (or your home if you are having a homebirth) taking pictures throughout the wonderful event- and discreetly during times that are a bit more, well, yucky.  I am also a trained doula having attended a number of births, so I can be there for labor support as well.  Sound interested?  Or maybe you just want more info on this crazy concept?  Call or email me anytime.  Or post a thead on FB, I check that much more often than blog notes!

tips & tricks ~ fargo photography

So I’ve decided I get enough inquiries about how to get better pictures that I should post some tips and tricks once in a while. I will also be posting more on my FB page, so be sure to sign up as a fan so you can get more!
Here’s a picture taken this afternoon of my daughter.  We were at Island Park and it was around 4pm (for those needing all the nitty gritty details!)  She is sitting directly below a tree in a shadow.  Ya have to be careful to see where the light is falling between the leaves to try to avoid those beams of bring light especially across the face. I’m using a Canon 40D with a Tamron 28-75mm lens and my settings are exposure 1/200 sec, f 4.5, ISO 200.  The first picture shows my image straight out of the camera (SOOC) and the second is after a very mild edit.  I shot the image in RAW format and imported it into Adobe Lightroom.  Clicked “develop” then did an auto adjust.  Then I chose the “direct positive” preset, played with the tone curve a teeny bit, cropped the image and added a slight vignette.  The “editing” took about 10 seconds (literally.)  Hopefully you’ll find some of this info informative.

On FB later, I’ll be sharing more about how to get that “blurred background” that everyone always asks about ;)  Have a great evening everyone!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

weddings weddings weddings ~ fargo photographer

Its that time of year and finally we have nice weather for it!  This year I have two rising star photographers who’ll be helping me out at some of the weddings I shoot.  Ben & Shelly!  I will get you all blog/website links to them soon.  I’m very excited to have them helping me out this summer and hopefully I’ll be helping them learn as well!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Prince Albert ~ Newborn Baby Photography

his little guy surely will be treated as a prince!  He's incredibly adorable :)  Here he is at just two days old.  Did you know I do the newborn sessions right at your home at no extra charge?!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother’s Day Giveaway

Happy Mother's Day Giveaway! Post a picture or link on my FB fan page, or email me, with a "Mom" picture (can be yourself if you're a mom!) And you'll be entered into a drawing for a free session and $100 gift print credit.  I'll draw the winner first thing on Monday morning and it'll be announced on my Facebook page (if you’re not already a fan click on the link to the right and join!)  Send your email to to make a nomination!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

that time of year ~ fargo wedding photographer

Well, spring is here so of course, then, so is engagement and wedding season!  Here are a few previews from a recent session.